Marco Rubio For GOP Life Coach 2016

Whether we are or are not seeing the end for him, I’d like to say something about Marco Rubio and why I supported him for president and will support him for GOP life coach.

There are two key reasons that I wanted him to be the president. The first was the absolutely sincerity in just about everything he says. You can always tell when someone is trying to bullshit you and when someone genuinely believes in what they say and do, and for me, the sincerity with him is real. Even if you think he’s wrong, you do not get the sense that he doesn’t believe in the things he says. The second reason is that he showed us he is a fighter without being a bombast about it. Ted Cruz is certainly a fighter, but Rubio knows how to do it without generating anger and hatred. That is particularly huge and it is a big reason why he is easily the most talented politician of the modern era.

While Mitt Romney wants to act like he’s now the elder statesman of the Republican Party, the fact is that Donald Trump is right: Romney is a two-time failed presidential candidate who made sure to let conservatives know he didn’t need them in order to win the general election, and we see how well that strategy worked. There ended up being no enthusiasm for Romney at all because he didn’t represent anything. He was simply Not Obama and he thought that would be good enough.

Rubio, despite his youth, would be much more suited to being the leader of the Republican Party because of his ability to bridge the conservative and establishment wings of the party in a way that not even Reagan was fully capable of doing. Reagan picked up George H.W. Bush as a vice presidential candidate even as the latter was a member of the very establishment wing that hated what Reagan represented. Rubio offers a fresh, youthful face that conservative activists helped to defeat the establishment guy, Charlie Crist, and then was able to make in-roads with the party establishment without compromising himself too much.

The Gang of Eight bill? Yes, a big mistake and a rookie mistake. But he’s still learned while also not alienating anyone over it. That is what makes Rubio the type of unifier that is definitely needed in 2016 and beyond. Should he drop out and not get the vice presidential pick, he definitely needs to make a play, with the support of Cruz and other Republicans, for governor of Florida. Two terms there gives him the executive experience to make him a complete presidential candidate, more political experience overall, and keeps him in the political game long enough for another bid for president.

We definitely aren’t seeing the last of Rubio, that is for certain, and I am particularly grateful for that. He is exactly what the GOP needs most right now. All thanks to Romney for trying, but now it’s time to step aside and let younger, more talented representatives of the party’s values do the talking.


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