Some Extra Thoughts On Louisiana…

I already wrote up the recap to what happened in Louisiana at RedState, but let me add a few more thoughts:

  1. Louisiana has a fatal attraction to narcissistic, bombastic personalities. Donald Trump, Edwin Edwards, Huey Long, etc. That Trump almost lost tells you how badly he is doing in public perception.
  2. Last week, I’d have told you that tonight was probably as far as Ted Cruz’s campaign could go. But, he won Not Southern states, and that means a lot going forward.
  3. I hate, HATE that I have to say this, but Marco Rubio’s campaign has no shot at this point. Rubio did a hell of a job, and his jabs at Trump have been great at making the false idol falter, but it’s cost him. A lot. And I was pulling for Rubio above all others.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, debates matter. There is no denying this. If you can land the right punch on prime time television, you have done yourself a huge favor. The one-two punch tactics of Cruz and Rubio did that so well on Thursday.

Now… Let’s hope a contested convention goes the right way.


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