Ted Cruz Has A Favorite Brony (And All Is Lost)

This could very well be a momentum killer for Cruz. This is from a reporter at a rally for Cruz, and it was run in a Breitbart piece (I don’t link to Breitbart on principle). Breitbart hates anything that isn’t Donald Trump, so I am assuming this is a hit piece of the highest order.

I’ve just jumped from a hay bale to the upper rung of a bleacher seat — it’s the only way I can see Cruz, surrounded by fans, cameras and boom mics. Now I’m looking down, and the Texan with slicked-back hair, a rugged outdoorsman’s jacket and hiking shoes is talking about ponies. “What’s your favorite My Little Pony?” Cruz asks his tiny supporter, a little girl who is wearing a Rainbow Dash beanie. ”Twilight,” she says. “I have two daughters, and they love Twilight,” Cruz says, before adding, with a grin: “My favorite, though, is Applejack. I just think she’s funny.”

Damnit, Cruz. I had so much faith in you, and now you’ve ruined it.

All is lost. Nothing matters. Eat Arby’s.


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