Adventures in Home Buying

For the last month or so, we’ve been looking at houses, trying to find one for purchase. We made an offer on one that was perfect, only to be beaten on that offer by someone who made the same offer we did, but used a different type of loan. We then made an offer on a much older home, but one with nearly 3,000 square feet of space… Only for the counter-offer to be more than we could afford.

So, we turned right around and made an offer on a smaller, but much newer home, and the offer got accepted. And the fun part hasn’t even begun yet.

It’s inspections and insurance quotes and uncomfortably deep probed into our financial lives from here on out. If all goes well (which we totally anticipate it should), then we’ll close at the end of April/beginning of May and move in sometime around the beginning of June (our lease now doesn’t end until the end of June, so we’ve got time).

In the middle of all this, I’m still working, writing, tweeting, and being a general nuisance to society. It’s tough being me.


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