Politicized Education

Just a brief observation here:

On Twitter earlier today, I followed a guy named Steve Weber (@curriculumblog) and added him to a list of Twitter users called “Education Resources.” I use this list as a means to read some of the updated information on teaching practices, etc., since it is my career field and I want to learn as much as I can.

So, this Steve Weber guy, who I’ve read a little bit about, follows me back, according to my notifications. I open up Twitter, and see that he not only unfollowed me immediately, but also blocked me from viewing his account. No explanation whatsoever.


Now, to be fair, my bio mentions nothing about being a teacher. What’s curious is that it does mention I write at RedState. I have no way of proving that’s why I was blocked, but it’s curious to me that I was blocked at all, given that I had not said a single thing to the guy.

I’m not bitter about this, but I am confused. What was it that made this man think I wasn’t worth having as a follower, or even worth having as someone who could see his timeline? I’ll likely never know, but if it was based on politics, I’d like to know why my beliefs would disqualify me from hearing or reading what he has to say.


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