A Few Thoughts On A Crappy Week

For the most part, I’ve stayed quiet on the shootings in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and Dallas. I may have posted a thing on social media here or there, but I didn’t want to get dragged into the inevitable Cops vs. Blacks argument, because I would have been dragged into it on both sides.

The deaths of the two black men deserve to be highly scrutinized. If it is as bad as it looks, the officers involved should be dismissed and not allowed back into law enforcement at any point. Theirs was an abuse of power and, as is often the case, one against a certain subset of American citizen.

The deaths of the police officers in Dallas, meanwhile, are just as heinous. All information points to a planned attack on law enforcement with clearly the intent to do more had he survived. The nutjob is thankfully no longer among the living.

Since the Dallas shooting, more cases of ambushing cops have arisen across the country. This is not new – we saw cases of this the last time we had high-profile lethal force incidents. What is new is the degree of polarization, one that – with everything we’ve been through as a country – we shouldn’t have.

But we do. The reason for this polarization is the same reason we have Donald Trump. It’s the same reason Bernie Sanders did so well against the inevitable Hillary Clinton.  It’s because people don’t talk to each other anymore. They talk at each other. They scream and shout and don’t try to work out differences or negotiate their way to some common ground. We spend our lives now as advocates for something or other.

And because of this, we begin to see each other not as beings with things in common, but as people who, if they disagree with us, are the enemy. Or even outright evil.

2016 is a terrible year and it is only going to get worse at this rate. Pray.


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