Yes, Les Miles Deserved to be Fired

A lot of folks are commenting today on how great a guy Les Miles is. Which is totally awesome. We frankly need more great guys like Miles in football just as much as we frankly need less guys like Nick Saban. Miles is funny, eccentric, and has some pretty cool plays.

However, Miles had one job this summer: fix the damn offense. Nearly every source speaking on and off the record agrees that Miles was stubborn. He didn’t make any changes. In fact, he kept Cam Cameron on staff. He stuck with a useless quarterback. He did the opposite of changing the system. He kept it, seemingly unchanged.

That stubbornness and lack of clear leadership is exactly why he should have been fired.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Miles. He’s done good things for LSU. There’re BCS titles and a national championship in his record at LSU. But he didn’t improve anything after a near-miss at being fired. That’s a big deal.

It seemed like he was almost daring them to fire him. Then, Baton Rouge flooded, and he seemed pretty secure in his position. But, he wasn’t. He was expendable in the end. I don’t like that we lost a coach mid-season, but I do like to think that this we were looking at a rebuilding year anyway. Why not have that much longer to practice and work on a new scheme before next year?


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