So, yeah. I was wrong.

Damn it all, this has not been a good two years for me. Louisiana’s gubernatorial race, the GOP primary, the presidential election… I’ve sucked this year. And I’m totally okay admitting that. Here’s why:

I don’t think it’s the end of the world. If you do the math, eight years of Trump will be roughly three percent of American history by the time we get around to 2024 (I know, I’m assuming a second term, but bear with me). That means he’s barely a blip on our nation’s history, and with any luck our history can extend another couple hundred years (at least). I’ve got several more elections in me. I’ve got several more posts in me. Hell, I might have several more jobs in me where I can make a difference in some field or another.

Donald Trump was not the ideal candidate. Neither was Hillary Clinton. Hell, what does it say about Hillary Clinton, who was supposed to be some fantastic campaigner and political force, that she lost to Donald Trump? That’s one thing I did get right: I said the Democrats nominated the one person who could lose to Donald Trump.

And boy did she lose. She lost so bad the entire Democratic Party suffered a phenomenal setback. Between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Democrats are now starting off worse than ever. I don’t think a midterm is going to help it, either. They have too many red state seats to try and hold to worry about gains elsewhere.

I was wrong about Trump’s chances of winning. I can only hope, then, that I was wrong about his character. Either way, to the Trumpkins telling me I should beg for forgiveness, no thanks. Donald Trump has to earn my respect. He has to earn any loyalty. I am done being a registered Republican. I don’t owe anyone anything. If a politician wants my support, they have to win it. He has to show me I was wrong, that he will advance the causes I believe in.

Let’s see if he can.


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