The Creator’s Room Podcast

Hi, guys!

This is the temporary landing spot for my new podcast, The Creator’s Room. Every episode, we’ll have a guest on who contributes something to the world in a creative way. Whether it’s a writer, comedian, designer, radio personality, or whatever, the show aims to introduce/shamelessly promote folks who have a mind for creating and entertaining. Some awesome guests have already said they’ll take part in this, and the hope is that by 2015, we’ll have some really, really big names coming on to talk about what makes them tick.

Until I can afford/make a site for the podcast, you’ll have to stay tuned to Nice Life Industries for podcast updates. But I promise you we’ll have something coming soon. Maybe a Kickstarter project! When a new podcast is posted, it will be posted to the main NLI page, as well as added to a list of clickable links here. In all likelihood, SoundCloud will be the main hosting spot at first, but that could change. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Now, if you’re on Twitter, I suggest you follow @GuildJoe, the Twitter account that will deal solely with this. My main Twitter account, @joec_esquire (which could also change), will remain very politically charged.

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